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Global experts in delivering solutions

Our team create customised training solutions which are rig and well specific, designed to ensure project success.

Global experts in delivering solutions

Our team create customised training and consultancy solutions which are rig and well specific, designed to ensure project success.

Training Solutions

Salos provide customised training solutions designed to ensure operational success. We specialise in understanding the training needs of the project and then focus on delivering specific training packages to close the gaps and improve performance.

Salos have an extensive range of training packages that we can deliver both at the worksite and at clients' offices. Our training approach is designed to maximise the engagement and understanding of those who attend. We use a range of training tools and techniques including mini-workshops, videos, case studies and simulations.

An industry perspective
Root causes of Blowouts

65% of all well control incidents can be attributed to these 5 positions:-

Assistant Driller

Salos can also offer bespoke training courses to meet clients' needs.

The table below shows the increased effectiveness when coaching and training are carried out together:



Told & Shown

Told, shown & experienced

Recall after 3 weeks




Recall after 3 months




COMP-Crew™ - a “traffic light” performance measurement tool.

Technical Authoring - creating, editing or auditing manuals/procedures/policies

Training Courses – such as: HPHT, Stuck Pipe Prevention, Performance Improvement

Leadership Programmes – these management courses cover topics such as: Leading through change and Enhancing team performance.

Our aim is to create operational solutions to ensure project success.

 “We used Salos Sunesis as our HPHT advisor on our Romeo well in the North Sea. This was the first HPHT well we had drilled in the UK section of the North Sea. The well was in partnership with TOTAL. As it was our first well we wanted the best resource for HPHT training in Aberdeen and Salos Sunesis came to us highly recommended. I am pleased to say they did not let us down. They organised our crew training, helped with the HPHT manual & went offshore and supported our efforts. All in all a great job. I can recommend Salos Sunesis and will be using them again on future projects.”

Suncor Energy Drilling Manager




Stuck Pipe Prevention (Rig Personnel)

Stuck Pipe Prevention & Fishing (Engineers)

HPHT Awareness

Well Control (advanced to basic)

Overview of the O&G Industry

High Performing Teams

Master Coaching

HPHT Well Engineering & Design

Well Intervention & Production


The Heart of Safety Leadership

Making Better Decisions

Solve Wicked Problems

Optimising Team Cohesiveness

Culture, Strategy & which one wins

Listening Skills

Leading Through Change

Managing Team Performance

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Team Building

Organisational Development

Transformational Leadership

Thriving in a $50 world

Negotiating for More

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