Advanced Human Factors

Transforming the way teams operate

Technical proficiency alone is no longer enough. In high-pressure environments such as well delivery, teams trained in Human Factors are better equipped to understand each other and work together effectively.

Bring a new level of operational excellence to your teams

Combining training from the safety-critical aviation industry with our unrivalled well cycle performance expertise, we apply Human Factors into the operational environment. This makes our training relevant and practical, ensuring principles stick with your employees, improving safety, efficiency and profitability.


The human factor is essential for success

The safety-critical aviation industry has recognised this for decades, where Human Factors training has significantly reduced the commercial aviation accident rate.

Joining forces with Human Factors training experts hfb consulting, we have designed a training programme based on the aviation syllabus, but customised to the oil and gas industry.

Develop team dynamics to drive value from every interaction

We help your employees effectively interact with one another, their tools and their environment to mitigate the threat of human error and maximise safety.

  • Recognise how to reduce risk from human factors in complex/high pressure environments
  • Equip your team to make decisions under pressure
  • Prepare for long periods of relative calm followed by sudden changes
  • Help your team prepare for challenging situations and changing team dynamics
  • Facilitate better communication amidst constantly changing operations

Build world-leading teams with a training programme tailored to your needs.

The curriculum is built on six core areas, aligned with the Energy Institute recommendations, enabling our coaches to deliver a new level of value to offshore and onshore teams, increasing safety and reducing risk.

Our approach is simple. We apply proven theory in practical ways. With the introduction of Human Factors, we can consider performance through a behavioural lens, enabling us to integrate into your full operations.



Core syllabus

  • Situational Awareness
  • Decision-making
  • Communications
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Managing Stress & Fatigue

The Salos team took us through our simulator training and then came offshore with us and provided training packages which were backed up with one to one coaching. The benefits of this approach were invaluable. The improvement in technical knowledge and competence, within the crews, along with the behavioural changes really made a positive impact on the cohesion of the crews working on this challenging well.

Senior Toolpusher, Jan 2019

Embed Human Factors into your organisational culture

Human Factors is available as part of your technical training solution, or as a standalone for clients who are looking to build on training already delivered.

We support your whole team, offering different levels of coaching for all levels of your organisation.

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