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Building a High Reliability Culture

Helping you build a culture and developing behaviours where everyone works and acts safely, even when nobody is looking.

Transform Behaviour for a High Reliability CultureTM

Every mature organisation will have an established health & safety management system.  Having a safety management system (SMS) is however no guarantee of continued safe operations and a strong safety culture. Does your organisation have repeated incidents, despite having these systems in place?

If your organisation recognises the need to build a safer working environment for your employees, improving the safety culture and equipping them with behavioural threat and error tools is essential.

Salos excels in developing organisations to build high reliability cultures. We achieve this by coaching and mentoring behavioural change from senior leadership to front line operatives.

Traditional approaches deploy training removed from operational environments and tensions. Our unique approach integrates the latest human performance methodologies into your operational environment. Using our proven products we support and coach change at all levels, including during challenging frontline operations. We work hand in hand with your teams to ensure that training is operationalised effectively.

Benefits of a high reliability culture.

Salos will deploy our process – SAFECrewTM to assess your safety culture utilising 12 core human factors’ performance influencing factors.  Our coaches subsequently work with the teams to close gaps and develop strong safety leadership / safety followership.

Our clients provided metrics to demonstrate areas of positive change.  A key element of SAFECrewTM is to capture and facilitate the application of lessons –improvements are shared and applied across other worksites and teams.

What elements do Salos focus on with you to build a high reliability culture?

  • Psychological safety. Helping your teams and individuals to verbalise and speak out.
  • Develop a culture of effective feedback. The coach is accountable for actively soliciting the feedback and driving associated actions.
  • Cultivate a leadership / followership ethos. Salos has a leadership toolkit that we deploy to projects.  We work with individuals employing the tools most appropriate for their needs and/or the project.
  • We work with your team to focus on waste and efficiency. When you complete a task ‘right first time’ and there are no breakages, equipment uptime increases, then it follows that operational delivery improves as a consequence.

To build a High Reliability CultureTM, Salos will:

  • Remove the roadblocks.
  • Increase awareness, improve attitude, increase the skills
    and the quality & quantity of the actions of the crews.
  • Nurture a culture of coaching.

Salos also deliver a wide range of bespoke safety training, including risk assessing.

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